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The Oldians - Downtown Rock (2013)

Bueno queridos camaradas y seguidores de este blog, púes como se les informo a través de la Pagina en Facebook (visitarla aquí) iniciaríamos subiendo la discográfia de "The Oldians" una grandiosa banda directo desde Barcelona España!!y en esta ocasión iniciaremos desde lo más reciente a lo más antaño de estos señores.

La primicia aquí en Free Ska Foundation! les tenemos "Downtown Rock" de este año 2013, les dijimos en Fb que no lo pondríamos hasta llegar a los 600 Likes... pero... la verdad que no nos aguantamos las ganas y aquí esta!, disfrútenlo mientras dura en la red, por que andan duros contra los blogs... y si nos llega el clásico aviso.. tendremos que quitarlo...

"Para bordar el nuevo trabajo el grupo ha contado en ésta ocasión con invitados de lujo como el emérito percusionista jamaicano Larry MacDonald (que se pasea a lo largo y ancho del disco aportando un toque de roots excelso), el saxofonista neerlandés Tommy Tornado, el trombonista italiano Mr T-Bone, y compañeros habituales de andanzas musicales como Alejo Peloche al trombón, Víctor Laguna a las percusiones adicionales y Daniel Lampérez al órgano hammond."  By Liquidator Music.


Well dear comrades and followers of this blog, because as they are reported by the page on Facebook (visit here) would initiate discography up "The Oldians" a great live band from Barcelona Spain!!, And this time will start from the most recent to the most ancient of these gentlemen.

The scoop here at Free Ska Foundation! I have "Downtown Rock" this year 2013, we told them that we would not put Fb to reach 600 Likes ... but ... the truth that we stuck the desire and here it is!, enjoy it while it lasts in the network, who go hard against blogs ... and if we get the classic ad .. have to remove ...

"To embroider the new work the group has had on this occasion with guests like the Jamaican drummer emeritus Larry MacDonald (who wanders across the disc bringing a touch of sublime roots), Dutch saxophonist Tommy Tornado, Italian trombonist Mr T-Bone, and co usual musical adventures as Alejo Peloche on trombone, Victor Laguna additional percussion Daniel Lampérez the hammond organBy Liquidator Music.


Track List:

1.- Red Code

2.- Shalalala (Prisoner Of Love)

3.- The Gunman

4.- Words On The Sand

5.- Jay's Mood

6.- Lil Sista

7.- Crossroads

8.- Downtown Rock

9.- Dippy

10.- The White Cat

11.- Dark Lane

12.- The End Of The Days

Freeskafoundation Podcast # 49 Tommy McCook & The Supersonics Ska & Rocksteady Jams 2013

Después de seis largos meses reaparece freeskafoundation podcast
Con un compilatorio del gran maestro virtuoso Tommy Cook acompañado con la banda que lideraba el gran maestro Los supersónicos , algunos temas fueron grabados en los míticos estudios Treasure isle y Caltone 1967 – 1969
Espero que lo disfruten.

01-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - WINDFALL
02-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - KILLER JOE
03-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - VENUS
04-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - MICHELLE
05-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - CHA-CHA-ROCK
06-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - 123 KICK
07-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - STRINGS AND THINGS
08-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - DOWNTOWN GAL
09-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - SMOOTH SAILING
10-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - SKA JAM
11-TOMMY McCook & The Supersonics - MORE LOVE

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Intensified Ska Music # 38 Hora del Rudeboy Radio Show 2013

Siguenos y Esuchanos Online .
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En Vivo todos los Martes 22:00 -GTM 6 Mexico City

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Radio Track List

Steve Alaimo - I don't Know
Daniel Johnson - Come On My People
Beverleys Allstara & Baba Brooks - Take 5
Original Hight Five - Atmosphere
Original Hight Five - Good You
Original Hight Five - Life On the Run
Skalariak - En Mi Skarabajo Rojo
The Heptones  - Ready to Learn  (Yes I'm Ready =
Pat Kelly - The Dark End of the Street
Derrick Harriot - Reach Out
Taggy Matcher & Birdy Nixon - Tighten Up
Taggy Matcher & Birdy Nixon - Lonely Boy
Ska Jazz Massengers  - Tu Voz
Chris Murray & Ska Gourmet - Friday
Melodycans - Si no me queres Mejor me voy a Bailar Reggae
Jim Murple Memorial - Before Love
Ska -J  - Perche no
Kitty Daisy & Lewis &Eddie Tan Tan Thornton - Im So Sorry
Cool Wise Men & Eddie Tan Tan Thornton - Jump forJoy
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - Guilty
Daniel Flores & The Rumba Box - No Gracias
Fahrenheit 451 -Nw blue dipinto di blu
Ska Cubano - Piel Canela
The Gaylads -Baby I'll Be Yours 
The Gaylads - Dream Dream
Razika - Paytide
Razika - Verdens Beste
Razika - Jeg gir Alt for at du ska gi ded
Roncovacoco - Fotos y Recuerdos
Jammah Tammah - Cuty Snotty

David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 ‎– Way Out East

1 Playtime        
2 Duppy Conqueror        
3 Baby D        
4 Love Is Something        
5 Old Days        
6 Another You        
7 Ethiopian Melody        
8 Hillyard St        
9 Norwegian Dub



"Improvise and Overcome" is the motto of saxophonist David Hillyard, who is known for his work with THE SLACKERS, THE DONKEYS, RANCID, HEPCAT, SKINNERBOX and STUBBORN ALL-STARS. He has had many ups and downs in his 20 year music career but his musical vision has endured; a burning mix of jazz, reggae, ska, and African percussion. His solos soar like a kite on a windy day. They dart to and fro, exploring the different colors of the music, reveling in the sunshine of his rhythm section. This free spirit is captured in his most recent cd, "Way Out East", a live cd, recorded on his 2004 European tour. Dave has always been frustrated with the artificiality of the studio. At his gigs, he feels free to play anything. To try anything. This infectious freedom and joy is something that "Way Out East" revels in. Dave is obsessed with finding his own sound in the world and maybe he's finally discovered it.

Eastern Standard Time - Second Hand 1997

Eastern Standard Time - Second Hand

01 Tick Tock
02 Oh No
03 Tenor Madness
04 Bemsha Swing
05 Mad Dog
06 Housewive's Choice
07 Richard Bruce
08 Bebop
09 On the Trail
10 Barbados
11 Urban Lullaby